Special Pendants -- Fans and Bars

Fans and Bars are Special Pendants. We have sold many of these stunning works of art. These are just a few examples of the fans and bars that we have made. Most of these items are "custom made" designs. We will incorporate the colors of your choice in the design. The fans and bars continue to be some of our most popular items. If you would like to talk to us about a special pendant or a fan necklace, please contact us.

If you are interested in learning how to make these art glass beauties, please visit our glass fusing steps. Making dichroic jewelry and fusing glass is so much fun and can be very profitable.

Fan01a.jpgThe fan to the left is one of Ruth's favorites and it will probably always remain in her "collection". However, if it is your favorite as well; she will be glad to design you a similar piece.

bars.jpgThis is an example of our "Multicolored Bars". These have been a favorite from the time we began to make them. They can be worn one at a time as a single pendant or as a group. You can place silver or gold beads between them for variety.

OrangeBarsResize.jpgThis is an example of our solid color bars. You will see in this photo that I have placed gold plated beads between the bars. Of course, you could wear these one at a time as a single pendant or as a group. The smaller bars above are really called "large beads". They do make a stunning necklace.

Fan03.jpgThis photo is another example of the large fan. You can tell that the major difference between the fan and the bars is the way we cut the glass. Both of these special pendants continue to be favorites with our customers.

Fan04.jpgThis is an example of our "medium size" fan. It is a good size for our younger customers.

Fan6a.jpgThis is another example of our smaller fans and is especially popular. This design was made for "shades of blue, green, and gold". This design keeps the rounded edges on the two end pieces, but you have a choice of cutting those straight. Some people prefer this look - others prefer the straight cut.

LargeRedBars.jpgThis is another example of the solid color bars. These have kept the end pieces rounded rather than straight. These can always be cut if you decide that is the look you prefer.

Fan02.jpgThis fan necklace is one that has varying sized pieces. The larger on the outside and the smaller on the inside of the fan.

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