Rosanne's Mother's Pin

These beautiful pins were my inspiration

These lovely angels were my inspiration for my Mother's Heritage Pins. Rosanne made mother's pins for her family and sent me photos. I asked her permission to feature them on my website and to offer similar versions to my friends.

ScreenShot082This pin belongs to "Micky" Maxine Elaine Rettig.
The first skirt: The rhinestones in the bow are birthstones for Maxine Elaine Ronnfeldt (Sept) and her husband Timothy James Rettig (March)and the rhinestone under the bow is the month they were married (July). The rhinestones that line the skirt are the birthstones of their children Rebecca Ann and Christian Michael and their grand child Kaden Lee. (All three were born in August.)
The second and third skirts: A stone was added for each month of the year to represent all the many children whose lives she has touched.

ScreenShot084This pin belongs to "Dee" Delores Marie Reikofski.
The first skirt: The rhinestones on the bow represent Delores Marie Ronnfelt (October) and her husband Joe William Reikofski (March) who were married in September. The two rhinestones at the bottom of the skirt represent the birthstones of their 2 children Jodi Lynn (August) and Daniel Joe (May).
The second skirt: These represent the birthdays of her seven grand children: Lauren Elizabeth (December), Paige Alexandria (February), Caitlin Elizabeth (July), Madysen Danielle (September), Matthew Robert Joe (August), Christina Ann (December), and Annie Marie (September).The third skirt: Great-Grandchildren: Delaney Rae (January), Sebastian Joseph (May), Sophie Christine (September), Avery Jean (February), and Burke Allen (August). These are still coming and so we have an empty skirt that will be filled too.

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