Rex Gentry

Art Glass Artist and Photographer

Art Glass Award Winner

My husband Rex is one of the most talented people I know. He can do everything. He is a great carpenter and handy man, his computer skills amaze me, and he has always been an artist at heart. Since we discovered dichroic art glass, Rex's artistic talents have become more pronounced. In April of 2012 Rex took a class to learn how to create glass fused artwork using the "David Alcala method". This process uses colored frit to "paint". His creation was a seascape and it was breath-taking! In June, 2012 Rex won 2nd place in an art contest. He won $100 in free glass supplies from A & A Products. I am so proud of him. Below is a photo of his prize winning art glass "painting".



Rex's photography is becoming a passion. In fact he had so many favorites that he will need more time to get this collection posted. However, I requested a recent photo to give you an idea of his landscape photos. Since that time, Rex has decided to begin to post a photo often and each new photo will be placed at the top of the page so you will see his most recent post first.

August 23, 2012


This photo has created a lot of discussion on FaceBook. We decided to put this on the website so we can go into more detail and take lots more room to describe my process in creating this photo. Ruthie and I were coming home from T-Bone Tom's. We had met Richard Wach and his daughter and grandson. Listened to live music and on our way home, I decided to experiment doing "light painting" with my camera. We stopped at the Kemah Boardwalk and I took several time lapsed photos of the Ferris Wheel.

The photo above was the first shot I took. The ferris wheel was standing still and the exposure was about the same length as the next shots I took. After the ferris wheel began to spin, I took 3 different shots each from a different angle. I was looking for a 3 dimensional shot that resembled an atom. I guess I will continue to experiment for that effect. When I arrived home, I used Luminance HDR (open source software) and combined the 3 shots described above. I want to thank all my facebook friends who gave their ideas of my subject for this photo. No one guessed a ferris wheel. Think bigger!!!!

June 22,2012


At 6:30 AM this morning, I hiked about 200 yards from our home to capture this scene on a rice canal. This canal has long been a favorite hiking trail for me as well as our children. We have some fun memories... I remember in the 80's we walked up on a 10' alligator who was as surprised as we were. He jumped into the canal quickly and we ended our "outing" for that day. This morning I took 3 bracketed photos with varying exposure levels. I then processed these in an open source program called 'Luminance HDR'. I did a little more post processing in an old microsoft photo editor. Continue to check this page.... I plan to add more.

June 18, 2012

Rex Photo Nikos

This picture was taken on June 18th at Niko Niko's in Houston. Our daughter Jennifer took us out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants and Rex "just happened" to have his camera available.

Rex's process in taking this picture: This photo of the sky was a gift from our Creator! I captured it by taking 3 consecutive shots at 3 different exposures. At home I used an open source program called 'Luminance HDR' which combined all three shots and optimized the light and the colors. Then I post processed the brightness and contrast in an old program called MS Photo Editor. This process is called HDR (High Dynamic Range), I am very new to this and this is one of my first Photos using this process. There is much more to learn and I will be posting new photos here on a regular basis.