Pets Critters and Bugs

Pets are more than just animals who live in our homes, they quickly become members of our families.  This page is dedicated to pet jewelry.  The Animals, Critters and Bugs that we use to decorate our offices and work spaces are now available as jewelry.  These are just a few examples that we can create for you or for someone you love.

Dichroic Pendants

We can use any color, shape, or size of dichroic to make a pendant with your choice of charm added.  The examples below show a horse pendant on a neck wire and a frog pendant beaded into a stunning necklace. 

The pendant above is a horse head on brown and a frog on green crinkle dichroic. 

We can put a design of your choice on any color dichroic you like.  The variations are endless and the creating is FUN!!! 

Pendants (no beading start at a price of $15 depending on size)

Pendants with beading start at a price of $27 depending on size and the beading choices).

Lady Bugs

This necklace was made for a friend of mine who loves lady bugs. We can make one for you with or without the red and black pendant.  Price $24


This cute frog is resting on a green crinkle dichroic.  There are also 4 smiling frogs in the necklace.  This can be made in any color you want and the price  depends on the size of dichroic.  Price approximately $37.

This glass pearl necklace has 3 beautiful lamp worked "frog on a log" beads.  This necklace sells for $20.

This rainbow colored necklace was made for my friend DruEllen who teaches children.  Silver plated frogs were glued onto to large gold Mother of Pearl beads.  She (and her students) love frogs and the necklace is a great conversation starter. 

Kitty Cats

This colorful glass pearl necklace has 4 smiling kitty cats.  This necklace can be made in any color you like.    Price for this necklace is $25.