A Dichroic Glass Pendant is a Piece of Art

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Add SPARKLE to your life

diamond The dichroic pendant is an "ATTENTION GETTER". Our bars, our fan necklaces and our large pendants are very unique items that you will not find often. My customers always tell me that they get more compliments on their dichroic pieces than any other in their jewelry box. I remember one night my husband and I attended a dance. We were on the dance floor and the disco ball was spinning. After that dance was over, several ladies were at my table asking where they could get a necklace just like mine!!!!! Yes, dichroic jewelry sells itself. Everyone’s life can use a little more sparkle.

Best Seller

elegant Of all the dichroic glass jewelry that we make, the necklaces are without a doubt the biggest seller. There are probably lots of reasons for this. There are a variety of ways to wear it -- gold or silver chains, satin cords, fancy or plain neck wires, leather cords, etc. The list is endless. This makes it the most versatile of all jewelry. When the bale is hidden or is a hole within the glass, then the necklace can be worn with silver or gold accessories.

From Soccer Mom to the Charity Ball

flame The same pendant that you wear with blue jeans can also be worn with an evening gown. Sometimes you may want to change the type of neck wire or chain to "dress it up" a little. However, the sparkle that you get from the dichroic piece, will be at home in any setting. The natural sunlight is the best light to "show off" the radiance of the art glass jewelry, but it can "steal the show" on a dance floor as well.

Something for everyone


Our dichroic pendants are truly worn by everyone. Grandmothers purchase small items for their grandchildren; and men like to wear them on leather cords or chunky chains. We have customers from all ages, both male and female. It is great to be able to create art glass that is appreciated by everyone in the family.

All sizes and shapes

Your imagination is the only limit to the size and shape of dichroic art glass jewelry. We have heart shaped, large diamond shaped, free form shaped, and crosses. This art work is truly something that you create and it has no boundaries of possibilities. These are some examples of the variety of shapes and sizes that we have created. shapes

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