New Life 

New Studio/Home

Our new studio/home is a very large part of our New Life.  We have had lots of friends who have helped us on our building project and we can never thank them enough.  However, one young man, Brian Patterson, has been here for us through every stage of our building.  Thank you Brian!!  What a great friend. 

We have been living in our "Warehouse" for several years.  When you move in before building -- it is a disaster.  Because of lack of time and money, it has been a very long process.  It is far from being finished... but it is coming along.   We will be putting our photos on this page so you can share in our excitement of our new life in warehouse living.  We will add new photos as we do more work.  We are going to celebrate BIG TIME when we get the kitchen and living room completely finished!!!!   

The photo above is our gate.  This horse drawn carriage is one of a pair.  The other is a man in a top hat.  This was one of the first things that we made - before we even had walls in our warehouse!!!  Making the two carriages was no easy task.  It took several days ... but it is worth it.

This is the fence in our front yard.  This was taken in spring with all the lovely colors.  If you look close on the fence to the right of the pot of roses is a guitar and music notes.

This lovely Welcome sign was given to us by Ron Lauve, one of our Pearland friends. 

Walkway and Fence

 The "stones" in this walkway were made by pouring concrete into a plastic form we bought at Lowe's.  After the "stones" were placed in position and cured, we stained them.  Rex is grouting in this photo, but something must have been more important; because it is still unfinished.

This is a photo of the walkway outside the fence.  Our nephew, David Whitehead, designed the landscaping and winding walkway.  He and several of our friends worked 2 weekends and we completed the fence, landscaping, and walkway.  We all went to GRINGO'S in Pearland to celebrate.

Patio from "Free Concrete"

It seems as if it only rains when we need to work outdoors!!  We are preparing to build our patio. You can see the stained walkway in the foreground.  The cutting of these concrete panels was done by our friends Brian Patterson and Sean Hebert.

The cut concrete was placed in a design pattern that I found in a magazine.  The "stones" for our patio are made from concrete fence panels that a subdivision was discarding.  Rex picked them up on his low boy and brought them home.  Rex loves the word "free".

Our Well House

When you have a well, it is imperative to have a shelter to protect it from the elements and from thieves.  When we were living in Pearland we had a well pump stolen from this property. 

We decided to make our well house match our fence.  Then we decided to paint the roof copper.  I guess we just have to be different from anyone else.  Don't think I've ever seen one like it.

Stained Floor - No Walls

This photo shows the steel beams of the outside walls from the inside before we had the final insulation, inside walls, etc.  Rex and I stained the slab and grooved it before the building was ever erected.  It is a large building!!!!

Rex's Office

We had no idea when we designed Rex's office that he would be working from home someday!!!!  This is where he spends 10 - 11 hours Monday thru Fridays.  We still have some finish work to do in here, but he is going to have to take some vacation time for us to do it.....

This was the very beginning stage of our kitchen. These cabinets were from Lowe's in Pearland -  These photos were taken before the trim work was added and no counter top or back-splash.

This is a photo of "progress".  Jeremy Fleeman is the most amazing young man.  He does carpentry, plumbing, electricity, tile.... This is just one of the many projects he has done.  The diamond comes out and can be changed out for special occasions.

Our home has several of these columns.  Rex built the first ones and Jeremy duplicated the process .  The brown background to the right of the column is our "rolling wall"... still not completely finished, but we are getting closer.

New Hobby

For almost 7 years Rex had to drive over one hour to and over one hour from work.  He usually was on the road to see the sun rise.  He would sometimes pull over and capture the moment.  Sunrises are indeed God's painting of "New Life" every morning.  In the past 2 years, he has tried to be outside to see both the sun rise and the sun set.  If we are on the road, we have to find a place to watch the beauty that God creates twice each day.  The really spectacular ones he posts on Face Book. These are a few of our favorites.

This was taken on a rainy evening after running errands.  Rex hates to have the telephone poles in the photos, but I really like the sky in this one. 

This photo was taken several years ago as the sun was setting at the Danbury Lakes.  We were helping with an Emmaus Walk.  I think this is so beautiful.  If you have never gone on the "Walk to Emmaus" - it can be a source of new life in your spirit.

This photo was taken near the KSBJ Radio Station in Humble just as the dawn was breaking. 

Rex took this photo when we were in San Antonio, Texas on vacation.  We have traveled in Europe and Asia, but this is still my favorite city in all the world.

One night as we were visiting our pastor and his wife.  On our way home, we stopped to take a photo of this sunset.  How peaceful!!!

The glorious sunrise!!!!  This photo was taken near our home.  What a sight to behold.

This is a sun set that was taken not far from our home.  God really knows how to paint a lovely sky!!!

New Life is just beginning

We have been blessed with better health, a new home, and a new hobby.  We know that there will be new adventures just like the new life sunrise each morning.  Since we don't know our future, we are glad that GOD holds us and our future in HIS HANDS.  Thank you for being a part of our lives and for taking the time to read our page.