Mother's Heritage Pins

Our children are "a heritage from the Lord". Because of this I have titled this page Mother's Heritage Pins. The angel faces are made from our dichroic glass and you can choose the color for the angel you design. Below are a few of the examples, but you can create your own. I was inspired to do this page by Rosanne -see Rosanne's Mother's Pins.

These pin/pendants must be a special order item. As you can see from the photos below, there are many ways to design these lovely ladies. Just click on the "Contact Us" Button and we will be glad to help you design a Mother's Heritage Angel Pin. Prices are $25 for the Mother's pin and $12 for each additional tier.

Mother's Heritage Pins -- Examples

Martha's Heritage Pin

MarcasiteMotherPinThis angel has the mother and father's birth rhinestones on the tips of the bows and their anniversary month rhinestone in the middle of the skirt. Her two children's colors are on the flowers on the bottom of the skirt. Since Martha does not have any grandchildren "YET" she has no second skirt. This angel pin is made from the Marcasite wing and the flowered skirt. The flowered skirt is my choice for all the Mother's Heritage Pins because they are perfect for gluing the rhinestones in place. The marcasite wing is very elegant and classic charm.

Fran's Mother Pin


This angel has the mother and father birthstone colors on the top of the bow and the wedding anniversary color is in the middle of the first skirt. Her three children's colors are on the flowers on the bottom of the skirt. Fran's angel has the fancy filigree wing. This lovely angel and the triangle angel wing are perfect for the ladies who love lace and frills.


This is same pin with the "grandchildren tier" added. I wanted you to see how a second tier would look. You can add as many skirts as you want or you can make double rows of rhinestones if you like.

Trudy's Mother Pin


Trudy chose not to put her birthstones or anniversary color on the pin. She said that this pin is all about her children and grandchildren. Her three children's colors are on the flowers on the bottom of the skirt. The triangle wing angel is for the lady who loves frills. I think this angel must come from "Royalty".


This is same pin with the "grandchildren and great grandchildren tier" added. This is to give you an example of 3 tiers. Remember you can add as many skirts as you want and you can double the rows of rhinestones if you like.

Edna's Heritage Pin


I love this angel. The Eagle Wing Angel is ready to soar to the Heavens!! Full of grace and beauty!!! Always remember that you can add more skirts to any of these designs.

Doris' Heritage Pin


I think the double wing angel is JOYFUL! I love the way the wings are up in the air. It seems as if she is Praising God.

Karen Stellhorn's Mother's Pin

KarensHeritagePinKaren's Pin is a version of the one above with the extra skirts for grandchildren and great-grandchildren. This angel pin was a Christmas gift from her son and daughter-in-love. The crystals on the bow are the birthstone colors for Karen and her husband. The stone in the middle of the skirt is their anniversary month. The first skirt is lined with the birthstone colors of her children, the second skirt has her grandchildren, and the third skirt has the great-grandchildren.

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