Examples of Large Pendants

Our "Large Pendants" and our "Fans and Bars" are my favorite of all the necklace jewelry that we make. Today's popularity and large variety of neck wires make these fun to wear. They are at home at any occasion. These can also be used as focal points on beaded necklaces. We have also sold some of these to our friends who do wire wrapping.

We have listed on this page a few of the large pieces that we have made. Visit our pages on fusing glass to learn to make this dichroic jewelry or let us make something for you.

BlueDiamondThese diamond shape large pendants are very popular. They are so much fun to wear and to make. The design in the photo to the left is made with the blue ripple glass on a blue base. We made this in one full fuse firing, however sometimes it takes two or more. It depends on the "look" that you desire. Dichroic jewelry can be made in a lot of various ways. We hope you will experiment with all the techniques that we introduce on this site.

RedFusedBale2This is a "bell shape" design that many people have ordered. This red piece is a great color that will "pick up your spirits". The texture on this piece is "ribbed" -- there are vertical lines. This type of glass is fun to fuse. You can experiment with the lines in various directions.

BlackMulticolorThis is a "different-type" triangular shape. It has several pieces of rippled dichroic glass that glitters and shines in the light. This piece was made with small "chunks" of ripple glass on black. When using this technique it is best to fire it at least two times. The first time with the base and the dichroic pieces. The second time with the clear top. This piece was full fused so no grinding or fire polishing was required.

GreenPearThis pear shape is one of my favorites. And the color is Great!!!! This was done with a full fuse firing to start. The edges were ground (you will see that the edges are taller). After grinding the edges to the desired shape and "look" an additional fire polishing firing will be required. I think you will agree that the results are beautiful.

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