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This page is our "Just Beads" Jewelry.  Keep in mind that our specialty is "Custom Jewelry".  We love to create designs when you contact us.   We have chosen some very unique and unusual beads as well as some classic beads that have become "basics" in our jewelry boxes.  We hope that you will come back often to this page.  We will be adding new items often.  The jewelry on this page does not have our more expensive dichroic art glass (except an example shown in the Pets, Critters, and Bugs Section) and therefore is not "one of a kind".   We will be able to duplicate these designs for your friends or family (unless stated otherwise in the description).  

Beaded Necklaces with
Matching Earrings

The central focus of this set is the brown twisted glass leaf.  Because of the uniqueness of the beads in this design, please contact us to place an order.    Click here to contact us.

The beautiful lamp worked lime green hearts in this design are real "eye catchers".  You have a choice of 2 different pair of earrings.  If you prefer the lighter weight earrings, you will want the smaller beaded pair.

2 Large Brown Glass Hearts, Tigers Eye, Golden Fire Polished Crystals. 

These purple ruffled lamp worked glass beads are beautiful.  They are surrounded by 3 shades of purple beads.

This necklace has 3 turquoise lamp worked beads that are surrounded by turquoise and aqua crystal beads.

The turquoise lamp worked beads are beautiful surrounded by turquoise and clear crystal beads. The same earrings are included.

The iridescent red and black ovals make this a beautiful addition to every lady's jewelry collection. We have a limited number of these beads, so this will be listed here until the supply is exhausted.

This necklace has red and clear crystals with silver plated swirl beads and a beautiful red and black bead as a pendant.

Earrings shown above

This set is made with black glass pearls, clear fire-polished crystals, and silver plated beads.  I included two mother of pearl crosses in this design.  If you like this added touch, we can do this with any design made with pearls and crystals.  I only have white and mother of pearl black crosses.

 The bling of the aqua crystals and the beautiful shine of the white glass pearls are a great combination.  This lovely set can be made in any color you desire.  We will make your set with white glass pearls and any color crystal you want.

 This combination of white glass pearls and clear fire polished crystals is a classic design that is a must for every jewelry collection.  This version has (optional) silver plated spacers between each bead.

This necklace is made with clear crystals and tiny black crystals.  The combination makes a dainty elegant statement.  Great for all occasions.

This necklace has white glass pearls and black fire polished crystals with spacers between each bead.  (The spacers are optional)

This beautiful "classic look" of black glass pearls combined with sparkling black fire polished crystals.

Mother of Pearl Shells

This Hot Pink Set is made with Mother of Pearl Shells dyed Fuchsia and Glass Pearls.  

Mother of Pearl Shells dyed Emerald Green with Crystal Rondelles and iridescent beads.

Tan Mother of Pearl Shells with copper colored beads

The 2 Sets above are made with Mother of Pearl Shells dyed Purple.  The one on the left has Rondelles and bicones with iridescent beads and the one on the left has the iridescent beads separated by silver plated spacers.

Mother of Pearl Shell Sticks dyed Purple with iridescent beads and silver plated spacers. I have only a limited number of these beads and will not be making many of these

Jewelry of Many Colors

This set is made with beautiful Nuggets dyed to a rainbow of lovely colors. We have only a limited number of beads for this design.  Each bead is a different shape and size.   No two designs will be alike.

Choose Your Color Glass Pearls

The photos below can be purchased in a variety of colors of glass pearls.  You choose your favorite color and we make a necklace to match. 

Pink is my cousin Emma's favorite color.  This was made with her in mind.  You will notice in the photo above that this is made using 2 strands of beading wire and creates a very interesting design.  Beautiful and interesting - just like Emma!!

Shades of Brown

This necklace has large glass hearts and matching Czech fire polished beads.

This necklace has a beautiful pendant that is surrounded by glittering golden beads. 

 Pets, Critters, and Bugs

The pendant to the left is a brown dichroic with a horse head charm added and the one above is a frog on green crinkle.   More info can be found in Pets, Critters, Bugs

These are a few of the beads used in the designs found in Pets Critters Bugs

Jewelry for Young Ladies

Angel Pendants

Purple is the favorite color of my cousin Sidda.  This necklace was made with her in mind.  It is beautiful and charming - just like Sweet Sidda.  The lovely angel with the "swirling skirt" is a reminder that angels are always around us protecting and guiding us.

This lovely angel pendant is made with Mother of Pearl Shell for the angel skirt and 2 more in the necklace.  It makes a great gift for a young lady.

I made this necklace and a purple one exactly like this for two sisters for their birthdays.  This can be made in a variety of colors.

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