There are many designs that you can choose in making dichroic jewelry. We are more concerned about teaching you how to make the various dichroic beads and cabachons than we are about teaching you how to "bead" jewelry. Visit our "Links" for some websites that give step by step directions on beading. However, we do want to give you an idea of the supplies needed if you want to do this type of project.

Red Dichroic and Crystal Bead Bracelet

Red Dichroic Bracelet

The supplies used in this bracelet:
Set of jewelry making pliers including a crimping tool.
2 of our red rectangular dichroic beads
An assortment of crystal beads - number depends on size of wrist
3 links (with 2 holes) for beading
Crimps for the ends
Crimp bead covers
Clasps for closure
Beading Wire

Brown Twist Necklace


This necklace was made in the same way as the bracelet above. We used a pendant rather than dichroic beads. The supplies needed for making this necklace are:

Set of Jewelry making pliers including a crimping tool. Crimping tool may have to be purchased separately.

One dichroic focal point that we made.(Any of our pendants will work.)
Brown glass twist beads
Brown round glass beads that match the twist beads
Metal beads and jump rings for a contrast color
Beading wire
Crimps and crimp covers for the ends
Clasps of your choice for the closure

Supplies To Transform your Art Glass Cabachons into Wearable Works of Art

This website is devoted to listing "how to instructions" needed for various projects. We have shown you how to cut your glass, fuse your glass and how to do all of this using safety in mind. This page will help you make these Art Glass cabachons into jewelry to wear.

If you have made jewelry before, you will know that there are endless supplies that you "could" purchase. However, I will be listing the very BASIC items to get you started. If you need step by step instructions, see our links for some of our friends websites.

General Jewelry Making Supplies

The following list of jewelry supplies are some of the things that you will need for all of your projects.
Chain nose pliers
End cutter pliers
Flat nose pliers
Side cutter pliers
Round nose pliers

These pliers can be found in a set that will make them more economical.

A Crimping Tool is very important for any jewelry that uses beading wire rather than stretchy elastic cord.

Clasps of all kinds for bracelets, beaded necklaces, satin cords, etc.

Bead stringing wire or cord. There is a large selection to choose from. You may want a stretchy bracelet -- you will choose elastic cord. If you choose elastic cord make sure the cord is a high quality cord. I prefer to use the largest size cord that will still fit through the bead holes. You may want to use a clasp closure -- you will choose a beading wire instead of cord. The choices are many. The wire comes in a variety of colors and sizes. When using glass beads and dichroic cabochons, it is best to select a medium size and a high quality.

If your cabachon or bead will be used as a "focal point" with other beads, you will need to pick out beads that compliment the dichroic piece. Keep in mind that high quality glass beads are the best choice. Stay away from low quality inexpensive beads that will take away from the beauty of your cabachon.

When working with heavy glass beads and dichroic glass "focal points", you will also need to find some light weight metal beads that are hollow or some high quality resin beads that are very light weight. This will keep your finished jewelry from being too heavy.

Earrings will need earwires for pierced ears and ear clips for non-pierced ears. You will also need head pins for dangle beaded earrings.

Putting it all together

The first step in making the dichroic jewelry will be to make or purchase dichroic cabachons or beads. If you are making your own cabachons you will either fuse a fine silver wire into the layers of glass before firing or attach a loop or bail to the dichroic piece after firing.

If you would like to learn to make your own dichroic glass cabachons, check out these links.

List of glass and jewelry supplies needed for fusing glass .

Learn how to Fuse Glass

To purchase "ready to use cabachons, visit our Jewelry Store.

Visit our Angel Pin Store.

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