Jennifer Gentry's Art

We are pleased to introduce our talented daughter and her art to our website. At this time we are featuring her bottle cap art, but she also does knitting, crochet, mixed media and acrylic as well as bead work. Her parents will try to encourage her to add more items to this page as her time permits. You will notice that some of these little treasures are made as magnets and others are made as pendants or charms. Each one is unique and beautiful.

Pendant or Charm 17

JenBotCap17.jpg Tree pendant with a pink star and moon background. This one also has two moons visible behind the tree. I like to think it is growing on Risa, favorite vacation planet for many aboard the USS Enterprise. The bottle cap used for this pendant is a white and silver cap from a Pomegranate Izzi.

Magnet 16

JenBotCap16.jpgThis magnet has a purple background with a small amount of glitter. The bottle cap is from Shiner Bock which is brewed in Shiner, Texas.

Magnet 14

JenBotCap14.jpg gold and start background, magnet, Jarritos bottle cap

Pendant or Charm 8

JenBotCap8.jpg pink and star and moon glittler background, swirl foreground, pendant,citrona bottlecap

Pendant or Charm 3

JenBotCap3.jpgPurple and star glitter background, pendant, New Belium brewing bottlecap

Magnet 2

JenBotCap2.jpgBlue and silver and glitter background Tree magnet. Lhasa Beer bottlecap

Pendant or Charm 1

JenBotCap1.jpgThis pink bottle cap pendant is made with acrylic paint and medium with star glitter, and a tree painted in black in the foreground. The bottle cap is Sidral Modet Apple Soda.

Pendant or Charm 4

JenBotCap4.jpgPink and star glitter background, pendant, Michelob Ultra

Magnet 5

JenBotCap5.jpgPurple, silver and glitter background, magnet, New Belgium brewing bottle cap.

Pendant or Charm 6

JenBotCap6.jpgblue and silver background, wire wrap pendant, Rogue bottle cap

Pendant or Charm 7

JenBotCap7.jpgSilver and purple spiral background, wire wrap pendant, corona light bottle cap

Pendant or Charm 9

JenBotCap9.jpgpink and star and moon glitter background, wire wrap pendant, Citrona bottlecap

Pendant or Charm 10

JenBotCap10.jpgblue and star glitter background, pendant, New Belgium bottlecap

Magnet 11

JenBotCap11.jpgBlue and silver and glitter background, magnet, plain orange bottlecap. I don’t know what sort of drink this bottle cap came from, but it is a nice shade of orange.

Broach or Pin 12

JenBotCap12.jpgpurple background, broach, IBC root beer cap

Pendant or Charm 13

JenBotCap13.jpgPendant or charm with pink star and moon background. If you look closely there are two moons visible in the sky. This tree is growing on some distant planet, or perhaps on an alternate reality Earth, where more than one moon is orbiting us. The bottle cap is red with a bicycle from a New Belgium Brewing beer.

Pendant or Charm 15

JenBotCap15.jpglight blue and glitter background. Wire wrap pendant. Blue Moon brewing bottle cap