Examples of Full Fused Art Glass

What does "full fused" mean? It is glass that has been fired to the point of melting together. The sharp corners become rounded and the layered glass becomes "one piece of glass". On this page we have a few of the examples of our art glass and dichroic jewelry projects that have been fused in this way. No matter what type of project you are planning, your kiln choice is probably one of the most important that you will make. We have some kiln recommendations.

FFIRISWithDecal2This pendant was made with irridescent glass as the base and topping it with a dichroic lazer etched pinwheel.

FFBlkWPkPrplThe pendant on the left was made by fusing small pieces of dichroic glass into a black base.

OpenDonut1This is an open "donut" shape. It was made by full fusing strips of black glass and placing small pieces of dichroic on top.

ffCrossThis cross pendant has a black base, green dichroic cross and a clear glass on top.

ffBlkWSvrStringers1This piece has a black base and silver stripes. Very classy look. It is so much fun to wear.

OpenSquare1This design was created in the same way that we made the "donut" above. Experiment with all kinds of shapes.

Triangle1This pendant was made the same way as the "donut" and square. The types of shapes are endless. It is so much fun to make these

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