Dichroic Glass - Ripple Texture

Dichroic glass comes in many colors and textures. My favorite texture is ripple. As you can see from the photos on this page, ripple texture glass is thicker than the plain glass. This can cause air bubbles when you are layering a variety of textures between a base and clear top piece of glass. These can be avoided by taking some extra steps in fusing the glass. Visit our glass fusing steps to learn how to make your own dichroic projects.

Always remember to keep the glass free from finger prints and smudges. The beauty of the end results of the fused glass is worth all the extra trouble. Dichroic jewelry and other art glass projects are only as beautiful as the initial glass used in the fusing process.

The Dichroic Ripple glass comes on either Black or Clear Base. I prefer the Clear Base so that I can experiment with other base colors. However, if you are just beginning, I suggest you purchase the dichroic glass on black.

The photos that follow are just a few of the many colors available. I am including these so that you can see what the glass is like before firing. Pictures will never be able to show the true beauty of dichroic. Moving the glass to a different angle will produce a different color.

SilverBlueOnClearRipple2The photo to the left is a silver blue color on a clear base. The advantage of using the Clear Base is to be able to use a variety of colors in the base. For instance, you could use a powder blue for a very light blue effect or use a royal blue for a darker effect.

The photo on the left is a silver blue color on a black base. It is easy to see the difference between the photo above and this one. The basic color is the same on both pieces.

The photo on the left is a magenta green on a black base.

GreenMagentaOnClearRipple1The photo on the left is a green magenta on clear ripple glass. As you can see the magenta is the primary color but as you turn the glass in different angles you will also see the green color.

EmeraldGreenOnBlackRipple1In the photo to the left is emerald green on black ripple. Emerald green is one of the premium colors.

Examples of dichroic glass with no texture or pattern

Examples of dichroic glass with patterns

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