Dichroic Glass - Plain

Dichroic Glass comes in many colors, patterns, and textures. This page contains a few examples of glass that are a solid color (no pattern) and no special texture -- plain glass. This page is not intended to give you a complete range of all the colors. I suggest that you visit a local glass fusing shop. Photos can never give a good representation of this very special glass. There are so many colors that are transmitted and reflected. You really must see it in person. This page is designed for the beginner to see some examples of the glass.

If you are interested in fusing glass for your jewelry or other art glass projects, please visit our glass fusing steps. We have added some "how to" tips that may help you in your journey on the "glass fusing adventure".


Emerald Green on Black

Green / Magenta on Clear Plain


Green /Pink on Clear Plain

Magenta / Green on Clear Plain

Silver / Blue on Clear Plain. The red spot on the glass is really a white tag on the reverse side. Because red is one of the colors in this glass, the glass appears red.

Examples of ripple glass

Examples of dichroic glass with patterns

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