Dichroic Beads

Dichroic Beads can come in all sizes and shapes. In fact, the term "Bead" is often used for any jewelry making material that has a hole or channel through it -- making it capable of being "beaded". This page is devoted to all the fused glass items that our customers have called "BEADS". You will notice that some of the items you see here will also be found on our "Bars and Fans" and our "Pendant" Sections.

Red Dichroic Bracelet

The red art glass bracelet above was made using two very large dichroic beads. These red beads have two channels running through them. They are strung with the sparkling clear glass beads and pewter spacers and clasp.

Dichroic Bracelet Pendant

The blue bracelet above was made using 7 - 10 small dichroic beads. (The number of beads depends upon the size of the wrist.) This bracelet also uses glass beads in a complimenting blue and clear colors. The pendant has dichro strips placed in a diagonal angle and then it is cut with a "curve" design. You will notice that it gives the pendant a "swirl" look.


The beads that make up the bracelet above were made with black glass fused with dichroic stringers placed on the top. They are strung with the jet black and purple and blue glass beads.

Brown Watch

This watch was made using two large brown beads and tigers eye nuggets of various sizes. The clasp is 14K gold plated.

dichroic bead mardi gras
This dichroic "bead" is large enough to be a medium sized pendant. It is lovely strung on a satin cord around the neck or on a fancy neck wire. I call this piece the "Mardi Gras" and I made several similar versions of this for a special group of friends who helped us celebrate Mardi Gras at the Bella Vita Subdivision a few years ago. I MISS YOU LADIES -- but I always think of you when I see this Mardi Gras bead pendant.

Dichroic Bead Blue Pink
This "Bead" is also large enough to be used as a pendant. It can be used alone or it can be strung with other beads and used as a focal point. I used a combination of blues, silver, and pink in this piece.

dichroic beads blue
This is an example of beads that have been fire polished after cutting into pieces. The example below has been full fused after cutting.

dichroic beads lazer
This is an example of beads that have been full fused after cutting into pieces. The example above has been fire polished only.

We hope that you will decide to create your own art glass jewelry. Creating fused glass is so much fun and we have instructions in our glass fusing article . However, if you decide to purchase items from us, we will be glad to "re-create" a dichroic treasure for you.

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