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Colors of the Rainbow

DeColores Jewelry -- This page is devoted to my DeColores friends from around the world. However, the jewelry on this page will appeal to everyone who loves the beautiful colors that surround us in God's world. Wearing this jewelry makes me want to pick up my guitar and SING!!!!!! "What song?" you ask..... Why, "DeColores" of course!!

Emmaus Cross


The Cross Pendant is probably the most important piece of jewelry for all participants. The photo shows both sides of this cross. The details are extremely beautiful. If you "Contact Us", we will provide prices for quantity discounts of purchases over 15 crosses to Emmaus Communities.
Price for 1 -15 crosses $7.50 each

Design a De Colores Angel Pin

DeColoresBrightWing.jpg Every one who has attended a 3 day weekend has seen how God seems to work in all of our lives. His holy angels are at work protecting us and guiding us. This angel is only one example that we can make with the "DeColores Rainbow" lining the hem of the skirt.
Price: $15.95

Angel FaceColor

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