Talented Artistic and Art Glass Friends

Since we have been fusing dichroic art glass, we have met some incredibly talented "art glass friends" as well as other artistic friends. Their talents include some of the following, mosaics, stained glass, bead work, fused glass, sewing, tailoring, painting, etc. On this page we want to preview some of these people and their work.

Jennifer Gentry

Jennifer Gentry (our daughter) has always been interested in art - even as a little girl. She has recently been showing some of her art work in local art shows. These are just a few of her many creations.



Dani Whitehead

Dani Whitehead is not only a friend but also a niece!!! She has many talents, but we are thrilled about her tailoring and pattern making. The costumes that she creates each year at Halloween are SHOW STOPPERS!!!!!!


Louise Whalley

Louise Whalley is one of our art glass friends who lives in England. She does mosaic work. We are very impressed with her work and wanted to share some photos with you. She does not have a website at this time, but we will get it to you as soon as she does.

LouiseWhalley2The sun was a project I did with a local primary school (ages 4-11) at their summer fete. The fete was held to raise money for a school allotment. Over the course of the day anyone who wanted to could come and help lay the stones and many of the children and their parents were happy to try their hand at a new skill. The result was a beautiful, vibrant talisman to hang in the allotment.


The mirror at the left was my apprentice piece. The pieces of vitreous glass are placed randomly within a curvaceous frame - a very different effect from the mirror below with its simple shape, muted colours and geometric shape.


Vampi Choy's Beadwork

Vampi Choy is another of our art glass friends. This incredibly talented young lady works at the ABC - Antiques, Beads, and Crafty People Shop in Pearland. We have also met while working as vendors in some local craft fairs. These photographs are great and you can tell how gorgeous they are. However the overwhelming beauty of her art work cannot be captured in pictures. Most works of art (including art glass and bead work) are best seen in person.


Dragonflies make me think of ethereal, delicate, soft things. This is a Czech button, made from a vintage mold, and is surrounded by both 3 and 4 mm Swarovski bicones in a crystal 2xab. The necklace itself is done in herringbone with 2mm Moonlight rounds interspersed through the necklace. Eight mm bicones and gold filled beads separate each part of the necklace and fits a 17 inch neck.


Another one of a kind necklace. A large Swarovski stone in Heliotrope, rivoli's in Heliotrope, Crystal Copper, and Dark Topaz, all are surrounded in complimentary colors of blues and copper iris. Necklace is made to fit a 16 inch neck, but it can be lengthened if required. The rivoli's are protected by beads on the back so as not to scratch your skin or for the foil to come off. 'Luscious' is backed with a gorgeous Admiral Blue ultrasuede and has taken about 30 hours to complete.

Vampi3Named after my youngest niece, this piece is so rich and lush in color. Done mainly in brown iris size 15 beads, highlighted with silver lined copper size 11's and silver lined ruby red 11's, surrounding three raku beads and two olive green coin pearls. Dark burgundy keishi pearls and small green button pearls embellish this gorgeous piece. Bead embroidered directly onto chocolate brown ultrasuede and braced on a copper blank, this collar took about 50 hours and is one of a kind.

We hope that you have enjoyed seeing the work of some of our talented art glass friends as well as other artistic friends. We hope that you will check out all of the pages of our website. Come back and visit us often.

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