Examples of Our Art Glass Projects

On this page you will find the pathway to a few examples of each type of our projects. We would like to encourage you to learn to fuse your own dichroic jewelry or angel faces for angel pins. However, if you would like to find something to purchase now, please visit our Jewelry Store.
If you are beginning to fuse glass, these examples will give you some ideas that you may want to make in your studio.

Fan01a.jpgBy clicking the links below you can find our dichroic fan store or our examples of our fan necklaces and our bars. These are truly works of art. They get lots of compliments everywhere I go.
Dichroic Fan and Bar Store

Art Glass examples - Fans and Bars

BlueDiamondBy clicking the link below you will find more examples of our pendants. These are only a few of many. We are hoping that these will give you ideas and you can tell me what to design for you. (Or maybe encourage you to begin fusing glass at your home.)

Pendants with Beads Store

Pendant Store

Large Pendant Examples

dichroic beads blueBy clicking on the link below you will find a variety of examples of dichroic beads of all sizes. Dichroic Bead Examples

TackFuse5Sided.jpgThe examples shown on this link have all been tack fused. Examples of Tack Fused Jewelry

FFIRISWithDecal2The examples on this link have been full fused. Examples of Full Fused Jewelry


Visit our Angel Pin Store

Visit our Angel Pin Store.
Visit our Jewelry Store.

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