An Angel Pin for Tilly Rodriguez Benavides

Elisa Franco chose an angel pin gift for her sister Tilly. When Elisa found my website and read all the Angel Stories she immediately thought about her sister. I went to school with Elisa and Tilly and I can tell the world that they are beautiful girls and so much fun!!! The following Tilly's Angel Story.

The photo above is Tilly with her mother Anna and her brother Mario. This picture was taken in Galveston, TX.

TilliesFamily.jpgThis is Tilly's entire family. The top row is Ottilia "Tilly", her mother Anna, her father Alfonso (Al), and brother Mario. Bottom row brothers Squeaky and Ricky, and sister Elisa.

Tillie65.jpgThis photo on the left is Tilly when she was in high school. She always had a smile for everyone and her laughter was contagious. Tilly had a way of lifting you out of a depressed mood with just a smile. Even on those horrible "Exam Days"!!!

CharlieTilliehusb-crop1.jpgThis is a current photo of Tilly with her husband (on the right) and a long time childhood friend and neighbor, Charlie Goodson (on the left). This photo was taken at a Mr Bill's Annual Birthday Party. We were all listening to the music of "Willie's Boys".

This is Tilly's Story!!!


I have been married to Ted Benavides for 39 years. I have four children and two birthdays. I have twin girls; Michelle and Melinda / and my boys Jason and Brandon were born on the same day; three years apart. Between all my children (is this a soap opera; I think so) I have twelve grandchildren and am known as Mee Maw; now how original is that?


I am a breast cancer survivor.I believe in the law of sowing and reaping. I have made 275 heart shaped pillows; for those who have had heart surgery and lymph node surgeries. They fit perfectly to the chest area and under the arm. I have donated them to the Heart Institute and M.D. Anderson, and Women's Prison Hospitals.

I am a spokesperson for cancer victims at my church, Abundant Life in LaMarque, Texas.

I start my volunteer training career at M.D. Anderson soon for breast cancer patients.

My Gift:
I am an expert at Arts & Crafts. My sister Elisa says; give her a hot glue gun and popsicle sticks and she will build you a mall. (Perhaps; anything is possible)

My Dream: to see all my children and granchildren serving the Lord 100%.

Tilly's Corner:

Always keep your faith in GOD. Never give up hope.
2 halves make a whole; but each half needs to be whole on its own.

Be Blessed; love you all,

Tilly Rodriguez Benavides.

Tilly's Talented Family

Elisa.jpgThis is Tilly's sister Elisa. Elisa is the author of several books and a screen play. She has recently retired from her "job" but has not slowed down even a little.

The photo above and the two below are the Willie's Boys Band. A very talented group of men. Mario on bass, Ed Soria on drums, Ricky below on the left and Squeaky on the right below. Mario, Ricky, and Squeaky are Tilly's brothers and Ed Soria grew up next door to the Rodriguez family. He is part of the family!!!


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