An Angel Pin for Ja'Nean Roosevelt

Virginia Kernaghan gave an angel pin gift to her neighbor Ja'Nean Roosevelt. Ja'Nean is a special angel in Virginia's life.

Ja'Nean Roosevelt
by Virginia Hollis Kernaghan

JaNeanRoosevelt.jpgOne of my next-door neighbors is my angel who often calls me to see if I am okay or if I need anything. Her name is Ja'Nean, and she is a friend to everyone who knows her. When my granddaughters were growing up, they often played in the Roosevelt's home for the Roosevelt boys were little at the same time. Wendy couldn't say Roosevelt so she called her Mrs. Rosabell.

Ja'Nean would come over and bring their daughter Emily along to visit and if Emily got too tired she would often curl up on my rug and sleep while we visited. Because Ja'Nean knew her son Aaron wanted to go to Brazil on a summer mission trip with their church she too went along as a chaperon so he could go. She often drove our other neighbor Arnold around to pay his utility bills or to get groceries for he could no longer see to drive. Ja'Nean and her husband Chuck are active members of their church and community, and angels to me.

They live next door to me and have for about 30 years. I watched their children grow up and climb trees in their back yard. Their two sons finished college and their daughter is in high school now. Through the years, we have become close friends.

They often call me or run by or bring my paper in just to see how I am for they know I can't get around like I once could. Prior to the storm, they checked on me to be sure my own children would be here to see about me. After the recent hurricane, I watched while Chuck, Aaron and Emily all cut limbs from their huge backyard trees, then they pulled them out to the front of their lawn, where they also invited neighbors to throw their limbs on the pile.JaNeanFlower.jpg

Even though I am sure they were sad to have to cut the trees, they will have many memories of those times when their children climbed and played on those same trees. In time, they will most likely plant other trees for future children to climb. I too have stored up memories of the Roosevelt Family, Chuck, Ja'Nean, Aaron, Kyle and Emily who live next door.

The photos on this page came from Virginia Kernaghan's photograph albums of memories.



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