An Angel Pin for Ollie Bell Thomison Smith

Ollie-young.jpg Mary Jo Marley, Ollie Bell Smith's youngest daughter, dedicates an angel pin in memory of her beautiful mother. The photo to the left is Ollie when she was a very young girl. The following is the "Angel Story" written by Mary Jo about this incredible lady.

My mother, Ollie Bell Thomison Smith was widowed at the young age of 32. She was left with six children ages 12 years to 6 weeks old. In those days, there was no "welfare" and very little help from anyone except a few friends and family. This was during the "depression" and everyone was going through some tough financial times. Ollie had a very hard life as she worked to take care of the children. Besides her physical strength, God also blessed Ollie with an inner strength that carried her through the very difficult times. Ollie constantly thanked God for His goodness, and she was able to give that same strength to her children.

Ollie's six children loved her dearly and respected her for the "LADY" she was. She always loved to read and Mary Jo remembers the many winter nights around the old "wood heater" when she read aloud to them. She would read a few chapters each night after the evening meal (which often consisted of cornbread and milk). She sang hymns as she did her work and never mentioned the worries that she must have had. OllieMrSmith.jpg

Several years later Ollie married Mr Smith. He had a farm and everyone had to work hard, but he loved the children and later the grandchildren. The Photo above was taken around 1930. Ollie with her new husband Mr Smith and the four youngest children.

All the grandchildren remember the times we would all get together at "Grandmother's House". John Denver's song "Grandma's Feather Bed" always reminded the grandchildren of those reunions with all the cousins.

The photograph above are a few of Ollie's Grandchildren. This picture was taken on Easter Sunday at Ollie Bell's home. The front row is Wayne Marley, James Thomison, Terry Thomison, Jo Beth Thomison, Jeff Thomison. Second row is Ruth Aston, Marilyn Marley, and Lora Jean Thomison.Third row is Judy Aston, Phil Thomison, Leighton Thomison, and Jerry Thomison. The other grandchildren who are not in the photo are Jimmy Jones and Barbara Jones who lived in South Texas at the time, and the youngest children Teresa Thomison, Steve Marley, and Dena Marley.

Ollie Bell Thomison Smith will never be forgotten. Her life here on earth ended in 1973, but her memory will live on in our hearts forever.

Ollie Bell Thomison Smith


Pictured at the left is the Angel Pin with dichroic angel face that was created as a memorial for Ollie Bell Smith. The angel pin is beautifully simple but elegant -- just like Ollie. The pleated skirt on the angel pin reminds me of the pleated aprons that she made for her church bazaar.

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