An Angel Pin for Meredith Tolson

Meredith Tolson -
My Inspiration for the Teacher's Angel Pins


This angel pin has a purple dichroic angel face because purple is Meredith’s favorite color. Her birthstone is directly under the gold tone bow. I used a gold bow to show her heart of gold. The remaining 11 birthstone colors are at the bottom of the skirt to show that Meredith has touched the hearts and lives of hundreds of children.

Teaching Comes Naturally to Meredith



I got to know Meredith through my daughter Jennifer. She is a terrific young lady!!! She is an enthusiastic 6th grade teacher who loves her students. In fact her eyes literally light up every time she talks about “her children”.

Getting to know Meredith made me realize that as a teacher she has touched children’s lives in ways that even parents cannot accomplish. Every part of her room is designed to teach and inspire students. Her creative spirit is seen in every part of her classroom. Her teacher angel pin is well deserved.

Talent is Meredith's Middle Name

She is quick witted, compassionate, and charming. In addition to being a wonderful teacher, Meredith loves to sing and dance. Her performances are breath-taking.  If you know her, you should ask her about the song she sang “behind bars”. I think that number was my very favorite!! 

A Teachers Angel Pin for a Special Teacher

Thank you Meredith for being my inspiration for the teachers angel pin. I know that your students are blessed to have a caring sweet lady to teach and love them. Always be Yourself -- we all love you!!