An Angel Pin for Judy Sweatt

Rex & I designed an angel pin gift for a very special lady, Judy Sweatt. We met Judy and her husband Bruce while we were listening and dancing to the music of the Pee Wee Bowen Band. Judy is part of the group the we lovingly call "The Pasadena Group". These are an incredible group of people who attended Pasadena High School together "several years ago". They have scattered now and live all over the extended Houston Area, but they continue to get together for dinner and live music.

JudyBruce1You can tell from this photo that Bruce is crazy about Judy. They are such a cute couple.

The "Pasadena Angels" are pictured above. These are the ladies from the Pasadena High School Group. From left to right: Paula, Judy, Darlene, Bonnie, Billie, Emma, and Rosa. Such a terrific group they are!!! We love you ladies and you will always be our "angels".

An Angel for Judy Sweatt

angelpin2Pictured at the left is the Angel that was created for Judy Sweatt. Each of our angels is designed with a dichroic fused glass angel face. This feature makes them very unique and perfect for gifts. Judy, we love you -- keep smiling and dancing. It is keeping you young!!!!

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