An Angel Pin for Debby Bockelman

John Bockelman gave an angel pin to his wife Debby. Debby is the light of John's life and is an angel to him and to their sons Kyle and Nicholas. Recently Debby started a health care company and has become an angel to a lot of people. It was while caring for her parents that Debby realized how much she loved being able to help them. She also realized the need for loving people to care for the elderly. Her company name is "Timely Angels" --- and that is exactly what Debby and her co-workers are!!!! Debby has three sisters Cynthia, Candace, and Lisa.

Debby and John in their front yard in June 2007

Debby, John and son Nick in Centerville, TX 1995

Debby and John Christmas 2007

This is a computer graphic that John did of his wife Debby. She is a beautiful lady.

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