An Angel Pin for Bette Kay Weinshilboum Nelson

Donna Russell chose a lovely angel pin for Bette Nelson. The angel pin has a dark red dichroic angel face with silver puffed wings and a lovely flared skirt and large bow. Below is the angel story that Donna Russell wrote for Bette.

Bette Kay Weinshilboum Nelson
by Donna Russell

I do not know much about Bette’s childhood or adulthood prior to when I met her in 1991 when I enrolled in college at ACC. I do know that she has been there at ACC since September 1975. I would have to say that the timing of my going back to school was one of the greatest but hardest things I ever did. The Lord put people in my life at that time that helped me get through and graduate with honors.(And you know who you are ACC Professors) Bette was one of the few professors that actually took the time to help a lost soul trying to understand and get through Algebra. Bette had a unique way of teaching that made it a bit easier than I thought. Oh, don’t get me wrong…she was tough and did not take excuses when you were not prepared to participate in class work or homework.

Bette was one who went out a little bit further and not only opened her office but also her soul and mind to encourage the ones that thought it was impossible. I can remember the best part was that she would challenge us to do extra problems for credit when our test scores were lower than we wanted. It was actually very fun as well as hard but by the time you worked the problem it seemed like a door opened in the mind. Math has never been my best subject but with some help I actually did rather well. I laughed because at one time Bette gave us a problem using the log rhythmic formula. I remember telling her that I thought it was useless to most people and why do we bother with it? I later had to come back to tell her I was “WRONG”. When I took Geology I had to use the formula when we were studying volcanic activity. She just smiled and said, “I’m glad you learned something useful in my class.”

Bette was not only my professor she became a very good friend. I really miss the days I got to go by her office and have her bend her ear to my saga for the week. Actually she still does when I give her call. She looks forward to the day when I have no drama in my life. She still makes time even when my class days are long pass. I became a teacher for a short time in my life and I know it was the hardest but most fulfilling job I ever had. I learned that there are rare times that you feel like you are actually getting through to the students and that they even care. Believe it or not, I learned the appreciation comes back to you when you least expect it. Some of the times it came to me after I left teaching and ran into some of my students that I learn how much they appreciate something I did for them.

Well, Bette I wanted to make sure in some special way I could thank my special angel for the encouragement, kindness, listening ear, and friendship you gave to me in a tough time in my life. I may have not been able to complete my dream of being a teacher but the time I did, it was worth all the struggles. And thanks to you, I was able to overcome a challenge I thought was impossible…still think one of these days I will come to understand geometry…LOL. Thank you again for your special touch of understanding to a hard headed woman…here is a special angel to remind you that what you do does make a difference in many students life especially this one.