HAVE FUN creating your own

Our website name is fun creative art glass. We named it that because we have never had so much fun and we have never been so creative as we are when we are in our studio. Most of our jewelry is custom made. We have left our "sold" items online to give you an idea of the colors and types of designs we have available.

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We have always had a great appreciation for creative art in all forms, paintings, sculptures, stained glass, pottery, etc. However, in February, 2004 we discovered and fell in love with DICHROIC glass jewelry. Our lives have never been the same. In fact we have lots of stories to share with you -- our lives before we found fused art glass, how we discovered dichroic glass, and many more.

art glass jewelry - fan In this website we want to show you how you can make dichroic jewelry for yourself or if you prefer you may shop at our Jewelry Store.

The buttons on the left will lead you to some of our "specialty items" that we have recently added. We are now selling angel pin kits which include the metal parts of some of our most popular angel pins. We have a collection of recovery jewelry and DeColores Jewelry that have been very popular with our friends. Be sure and click on each of these because we are changing our selections often.

We want to show you how to make angel pins with dichroic faces as well as how to fuse glass and make other dichroic jewelry. Our learning process has been very difficult and we have had a lot of trial and error. We hope that through this website, you will be able to avoid some of the pit falls that we have encountered. Several people have asked us to give lessons, but we have very little time and limited space in our workshop. We decided to put our information online.

This is a new website so please check with us often. We plan to have step by step pictures showing how to make pendants of all shapes and sizes, cross pendants, rings, bracelets, watches, earrings, and angel pins with dichroic faces. Visit our dichroic projects. These will give you ideas of projects that you can make or gifts to purchase.

Also visit our angel pin examples. They are our most popular gift item with both men and women -- after all, everyone needs a Guardian Angel. And an angel on your shoulder is something we all should have. We have instructions on making the angel bodies and the dichroic angel faces. If you prefer you may purchase one of ours and put a story on our "Angel Pin Stories". Click here to go to our Jewelry Store.
If you would like to contact us please e-mail us at art.glass@yahoo.com.